It’s time to choose your own adventure at summer camp!

Get ready for the most exciting, most surprising and most fun-filled summer at the JCC of Bayonne yet! We are already known for our wonderful camp experiences but now we are making them even better. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for Summer 2019! Your children will not want to miss a moment!

Camp Kadimah is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health, Consumer, Environmental and Occupational Health Service.

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Mike Prendergast,
Camp Director

Lindsie Detota,
Camp Kadimah Director

Scott Winkel,
J-Trippers Director

Kaitlyn Flannery,
Kiddie Kadimah Director


Camp Kadimah

Entering Kindergarten - Grade 4

Campers get the chance to create their own summer adventure. We combine the best of a traditional day camp with the choice of NEW ELECTIVES

Our new elective program lets campers select the activities they love most. Campers select two electives each Monday and then do their chosen activity during their elective periods throughout the week. Hot lunch is provided twice a week as well as daily snack.

Campers travel 1-2 days a week to new and exciting places. 3rd and 4th grade campers get to experience sleep away camp with an optional 1-night overnight (one per session) in our building.

New trips this summer:

  • Museum of Math

  • Launch Trampoline Park

  • Circus Warehouse 


  • 1-2 Day trips per week

  • Overnights at the JCC (1 per session)

  • Elective activities

  • Indoor Swim

  • Athletics

  • Gaming

  • Park field days

  • Special event days

  • Guest entertainment


Entering Grades 5 - 9

Being a J-Tripper is all about adventure, new experiences and challenging yourself while making lifelong memories and friendships along the way. Exciting new day trips and two completely new overnight excursions are planned for summer 2019. 

Campers find themselves on an awesome adventure at least 3 times a week to amusement parks, extreme sports complexes, interactive activities, and more! (trips subject to change) 

When not on trips, J-Trippers participate in our new elective program. Campers select two electives each Monday and then do their chosen activity during their elective periods.

New trips this summer:

  • Launch Trampoline Park

  • Indoor Extreme Sports

  • Adventure Park

  • Splashdown Beach Waterpark


  • 3+ Day trips per week

  • Overnights away (1 per session)

  • Elective activities

  • Indoor Swim

  • Athletics

  • Gaming

  • Park field days

  • Special event days

  • Guest entertainment


Camper Activities

Campers will be kept engaged and enriched all summer long and create life-long memories. With more emphasis on the community of a camp experience, more activities will be offered each day. Each child is provided with individualized attention in a safe and caring environment. We pride ourselves on the delivery of the highest quality programs and fun all summer long.


This summer we are bringing a new elective program for our campers, to our camp. We want our children to engage in activities that they truly love, so they have the best summer ever. Our new elective program lets campers select the activities they love most. Campers will choose two electives each Monday and get to do those activities during their elective periods throughout the week.


Dive in for more fun this summer! All campers undergo deep-water testing the first week of camp, supervised by our Red Cross-certified lifeguards. If a camper chooses not to take the test, they are still permitted to swim in the shallow end of the pool. Please remember to pack two bathing suits for your children, as we often go to the sprinklers in the park as well!


Our campers enjoy various sports and activities, both indoor and outdoor, multiple times a week including basketball, soccer, dodgeball, kick ball, flag football, and more.


We are fortunate to have a great big park right across the street and we utilize it as much as we can. Please remember to pack sunscreen and water for outdoor activities!


Camp Kadimah provides hot lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as a daily snack. Parents are asked to provide a brown bagged lunch for the rest of the week. *As a reminder, camp is a nut-free zone.* 


Sample Camp Kadimah Schedule

  • Kickoff meeting

  • Sports

  • Park

  • Swim

  • Lunch 

  • Gaming

  • Electives

  • Snack

9AM - 4:30PM

Supervision is provided for the children at these specific camp hours. Prompt arrival and pick-up of your children is necessary.

Early Drop-Off
7:00 - 8:45AM
Late Pick-Up
4:30 - 6:30PM

*Available for an extra fee


Camp Kadimah FAQ’s:

What’s the staff to camper ratio?

  • Camper to staff ratio as mandated by the State of New Jersey, is 15:1. We staff our camp groups accordingly to properly maintain that ratio.

Are there both male and female counselors?

  • Yes, our facility has both male and female counselors. 

What does camp tuition include?

  • Camp tuition includes supervision by a trained staff, daily snack and water, weekly field trips, and overnights. 

Is transportation provided?

  • Parents must transport their children to and from the JCC.

Do I provide lunch for my child every day?

  • Yes, except for days indicated on our Camp Calendar that state we provide lunch. It is up to parents’ discretion to send in money to purchase lunch on a field trip.

How much does camp cost?

  • You can find our prices for camp in our registration packet.

Does Camp Kadimah offer Financial Assistance?

Is your camp staff trained?

  • Yes, all directors and Lead Counselors are trained in CPR and First Aid. All camp staff and directors are required to take a two-hour New Jersey mandated reporter training course on neglect and abuse. All staff is also required to take a four-hour course on health and safety basics, and transportation safety as well. In addition to these training courses, all staff undergoes two staff orientations.

Kiddie Kadimah

2’s | 2½ years
PreK - 3 | 3 years
PreK - 4 | 4 years

Early childhood summer programs at the JCC of Bayonne are designed for children 2½-5. The summer season program is structured around a unique theme each week and tailored to the development levels of each age group. The goal is to offer an educational experience together with wonderful summer activities to further your child’s self esteem, independence, friendship and creativity. We strive to incorporate our school year philosophy into a vital, active and, most important, fun summer program for children.

Learn a New Activity

Creative expression is encouraged through our theme weeks. Our staff coordinates to bring these themes to life through literature, art, science, movement and other activities. Outdoor play is an essential component to a full summer experience. Every day, our children have the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a variety of ways. Science and nature are explored in our park; gross motor skills are strengthened on the playground. Outdoor sensory tables, bubbles and sprinklers lend themselves to discovery through water play.

Make New Friends

Our program brings together children of all religions and backgrounds. They are grouped with their age appropriate peers based on each child’s birth date. It is the perfect place for an incredible summer experience and to build friendships.

Typical Day Structure

Activities are structured around weekly themes. Guest specialists or groups that may feature music, skits, dancing and art entertain the children. Dress -up themes during the summer are enjoyed by all.


Toddlers and Pre-K3 children will have water play in the sprinklers at Hudson County Park.

Pre-K4 children have an opportunity to be introduced to our pool. Our aquatics program focuses on water safety. Supervised by our Red Cross-certified lifeguards, children will get the chance to become confident and safe swimmers.


All expenses for trips are included in your camp fees. 2’s and PreK - 3 go on 1 trip per 4 weeks of program. PreK - 4 goes on two trips per 4 week session.


Hot lunches are provided twice a week during the regular 8-week camp session unless otherwise notified. Children must bring lunch all other days of the week.


Monday - Friday

5 Half Days
8:30AM - 12PM

5 Full Days
8:30AM - 4:30PM

Early-care options are available beginning at 7:00am and extended-care options are available until 6:30pm. A minimum of 4 weeks required.


Location & Facilities

Located on Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne, the JCC is situated across from the Stephen R. Gregg Park. The building has air-conditioned facilities that include a full size gymnasium, newly renovated indoor pool, large theater auditorium, as well as accommodations to continue activities in inclement weather. It is the perfect place for an incredible day camp experience and to build lifelong friendships.


We have assembled a caring, sensitive, professional and talented staff that shares our vision of creating a developmentally appropriate, socially enriching camp experience for every child. Camp staff is comprised of teachers, coaches, students and specialists who combine extensive training with their diverse backgrounds in education, sports and arts to develop high quality programming for our campers. Each group has staff that is trained in CPR. All staff is put through a thorough screening process that includes fingerprinting, background checked through the C.A.R.I report, approved by the State of New Jersey, Department of Children and Families.


Center Membership is available for summer camp families. Members are accepted on a non-sectarian basis, without regard to race, creed or religion.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available for eligible families. For more information, please contact Sophie Ayad, Financial Account Director, at (201) 436-6900 or

Health Forms

All campers must submit a complete up to date camp medical form (with immunization history) and authorization for emergency treatment. All forms are required in order for your child to begin attending.

Medication Policy

Children are not permitted to take any kind of medication during camp hours. Staff is not permitted to administer any medication to campers. This policy applies to prescription and over the counter medications.

Special Needs

Camp administration must be aware of any special needs or limitations of the individual camper. Advance notice and intake interview are required. The JCC reserves the right to refuse admittance if the JCC feels the child’s needs cannot be met.