Preschool – Kindergarten

Come and discover an inviting place of learning, fun and curiosity for your 2½ to 5 year old.


Lauren Wendroff Early Children's Academy

The Lauren Wendroff Early Children's Academy strives to enrich each child’s world through exposure to language arts, science, reading, math readiness, music, art, language, computers and physical education.



We are very proud of the educational advances of our first class of Kindergarten students. If you want your child to have a wonderful education in their Kindergarten year, the JCC is the place for your child.


Club 1050 After-School

Club 1050 provides a safe and structured environment for grades Pre-K through 8th during after school hours and school holidays. 


Kiddie Kadimah

Our summer camp, Kiddie Kadimah, offers a summer of fun, friends and adventure for toddlers not enrolled in one of our 12-month programs.



The British Swim School oversees the swim program at the JCC. We value their expertise in providing excellent water safety, survival and swimming lessons for all ages.


Perkel Junior

Perkel Junior was created to help our youngest performers experience the stage and find their niche in the theater with a yearly workshop! 



Presented in association with US Sports Institute, your child is sure to have a blast developing their athletic skills and learning new sports.



We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities that enrich your child's everyday experiences, promote physical fitness and introduce a healthy lifestyle.