As children begin to master language and mobility, they will discover a whole new world around them!

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Shanna Fahrion, Director
(201) 436-6900


The first years are a critical time for learning and social development.

Program Highlights:

  • New classroom

  • Secure, safe, nurturing and clean environment

  • Low teacher:child ratio

  • Teachers trained in SIDS and Shaken Baby

  • Activities geared to the child’s level of development

  • Multi-sensory experiences

  • Circle Time for toddlers

  • Outdoor Time (6 months & up)

  • Fun activities that boost language & communication skills and physical development

Toddler Town utilizes Tadpoles, a web-based childcare and preschool app (iOS and Android) that gives parents real-time notes and reminders, photos and videos of their children at day care, and school notifications and alerts. Tadpoles is designed to give childcare providers a way to keep track of kids' needs -- and parents peace of mind while keeping them informed throughout the day. 


We encourage toddlers to practice their self-help skills, make appropriate choices and build their problem solving skills, which improves their self-esteem.


Daily Schedules


8:30a | Breakfast
9:15 | AM Diaper Change
9:45 | Circle Time/Story Time
10:30 | Outside Walk/Daily Project
11:30 | Lunch
12:15p | Midday Diaper Change
12:45 | Naptime
2:30 | Afternoon Diaper Change
3:05 | Snack
3:30 | Free Play
4:15 | PM Diaper Change/Pick-up

Young Toddlers

8:30a | Free Play/Diaper Changes
9:00 | Circle Time
9:30 | Morning Snack
10:00 | Music and Movement
10:30 | Diaper Change
11:00 | Craft/Reading/Daily Activity
12:00p | Lunch
12:30p | Diaper Change
1:00 | Naptime
2:30/3:00 | Diaper Change
3:00 | Snack
3:30 | Free Play/Sharing Activities


8:30a | Free Play
9:00 | Gym
9:30 | Morning Snack
9:45 | Diaper Change
9:55 | Stretch Break
10:00 | Circle Time
10:30 | Reading
11:30 | Diaper Change
11:45 | Lunch
12:30p | Naptime
2:30 | Diaper Change
3:00 | Afternoon Snack
3:30 | Learning to Share
4:00 | Free Play/Gym

Location & Facilities

Located on Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne, the JCC is situated across from the Stephen R. Gregg Park.

The classroom is equipped with furniture, manipulatives and learning tools creating an environment ideal for the children to feel independent and secure in their space.

The JCC is equipped with a full size gymnasium, indoor heated pool, outdoor playground, art facility and theater space.


The State of New Jersey Department of Children and Families licenses Toddler Town. The Department of Children and Families has developed standards for childcare centers. The JCC of Bayonne’s early childhood programs adhere strictly to these.


On site security is continually updated at the JCC.

Parents utilizing the entrance to Toddler Town on 44th Street will be given a secure code (per family) to enter the door. We ask all parents not to keep the door open for anyone who comes after you but allow him or her to use their code to enter.

All doors of the building are alarmed. Please do not enter or leave through any door but the Toddler Town door or the main entrance.

Please be advised that anyone entering the main entrance must enter through Kennedy Boulevard only. JCC members and JCC staff must present a valid JCC ID badge. Non-member program participants and visitors will be asked to provide a registration confirmation letter and a photo ID. Everyone entering the building may be asked to submit to a search of all packages and bags.

Surveillance cameras are located around the entire perimeter of the building as well as internally throughout the floors.


JCC of Bayonne membership is required to enroll your child in the programs. Members are accepted on a non-sectarian basis, without regard to race, creed or religion.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available for eligible families. For more information, please contact Sophie Ayad, Financial Account Director, at (201) 436-6900 or

Health Forms

All children must submit a complete medical form (with immunization history and flu shot inoculation) and authorization for emergency treatment before the start of the program.