Toddler Town now serving Infants & Toddlers

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The children in Toddler Town will begin to master language and mobility, they will discover a whole new world around them!  

The first years are a critical time for learning and social development.  

The curriculum includes:

  • low teacher:child ratio
  • teacher's trained in SIDS and Shaken Baby
  • activities geared to the children's level of development
  • Experiences that involve all the senses   (infants/toddlers)
  • Circle time  (Toddlers)
  • Outdoor time  (6 months & up) 
  • Fun activities that boost language and communication skills as well as physical development.  (infant/toddlers)

In Toddler Town our toddlers are strongly encourage to practice their self-help skills, make appropriate choices and build their problem solving skills, all of which will help build self esteem.

To set up your appointment today, please contact Nina at 201-436-6900 or